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Invention is the explorative and insightful act of turning an innovative device, process, or service into a tangible accomplishment. Invention materializes an innovation so clearly at times that it raises the question we have all asked so many times: “Why didn’t I think of that?” It is amazing how obvious the novel can seem after the fact.

Inventions are the embodiment of innovations that answer tough questions, and demonstrate real solutions to once-thought impossible problems. Applied in industry, inventions often lead to the creation of a new perspective, from which further improvements are imagined. Invention is the culmination of ingenious ideas that we might hold in our hands, see for ourselves, mark real advancement of humankind, bring value to industry, or protect with a patent.

While brainstorming, thinking outside the box, seeing a world without bounds might be the spark for ingenuity. Invention, on the other end of the spectrum, transforms free-thinking into mind-mapping, seeks out potential problems in application, and welcomes constraints as an engineering design tool. This process leads applied research to technologies that can be put back in the box and shipped to a customer or downloaded by clients around the world

CART: ingenuity to industry

c iconFrom applied research to technology transfer and training, unmanned systems to rapid prototyping, software development to program support and web solutions, CART transports the energy of ingenuity to the industries that power the world.